Big Game

Big Game explores how the invisible rules and common sense under modern society shape and influence people's perception and behavior, which involve in different facets of life, such as impact of technology, monotonous daily routine, fanaticism about certain things, futile effort, insurmountable distances between people.

I built a endless virtual grid space which often appeared as background in 80s video game, to enhance the ambient feeling of video game, it is also set as a mimic environment of our modern data based life. I placed performers inside of virtual space, arranged face-paint and body paint, designed the movement and interaction between performers and costumes which are a abstraction associated with people’s common daily behavior and habit.

Every time I think about the relationship between the running of the world and individual existence, I place myself in the position of the spectator, and I am astonished by the precise repetitive life routine; neither early nor late. Everything seems perfectly calculated, like a game. Is the world we exist in a game? If so, who creates the game and manipulates us, such that we are willing to obey the rules? In a computer game we accomplish missions which are different from real life by manipulating the virtual figure - the virtual figure being a projection of ourselves. Human beings do similar daily routines generation after generation. This immortal procession is as epic as it is great; full of hope and desperation. I am led to wonder, in real life then, are we being projected? Who is manipulating us and getting the satisfaction?

Directed by: Yuqi Wang
Sound Composed by: Tomas Pelaez
Edited by: Yuqi Wang
Video Assistant: Benett Holgerson
Photo Assistant: Cindy(Xiaomeng) Cai
Starring: Adam SanGiovanni, Xin Ni, Yuqi Wang, Jon Ricchi